Monday, September 26, 2016

And So it Begins

Podcast Episode 1

Friday, May 9, 2014

Two Much Fun

Day Two. I wanted Terrence Brooks as our Safety sometime today, probably in the second round. But our 1st round pick makes that choice dead. 

Obviously I didn't want Dix, I said that on Wednesday, but I'm fine with the pick now. I'm not paid to scout players. I wanted Shazier and when he wasn't available I wanted to trade down. The option to trade down was there, the picks right before and right after us were traded, the Pack must have wanted Ha Ha so they stayed and picked him. He is arguably the best safety in the draft and we got him without having to move up at all. He's going to wear number 21. Our last Great safety was LeRoy Butler wearing 36. Nick Collins was the next Packer to get 36 and he was an All Pro, lets hope that trend continues with the number 21.

For this second and third rounds I want a TE, WR, and LB. ASJ, Jarred Abbrederios and Christian Jones are the three players I want. The third round is probably high for JA, but I want him, badly. Almost as much as I wanted Shazier and we know how that turned out.

Other players I would be okay with: Louis Nix, Rashead Hageman, Jordan Matthews, and of course Marquise Lee. Ordered from top to bottom in order of who I like best to worst:

Marquise Lee
Jared Abbrederios
Christian Jones
Jordan Matthews
Louis Nix
Rashead Hageman

There is also an OLB Jeremiah Attaochu who I wouldn't mind, and this might be too high, but I would also like Antone Exum.

Who I don't want:
Chris Borland
Any OG, C especially if it involves us trading up

Prediction: Center in the 2nd round. Either Weston or Martin? from USC
3rd Round: C.J Fedorowitz (sic) and Jared. Please Jared. If you take Jared I won't even be mad about C.J.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

It's About Time

Well after what feels like three years later, but in reality has only been about three week, the eve of the NFL Draft is finally upon us. How did we make it through the seemingly endless wait? Well their was Donald Sterling of the masses, and a surprisingly spirited playoff run by the Wild for those of us who couldn't care less about what filly rich white men say in the privacy of their own homes to their shockingly uggo and not so funky fresh looking mistresses. And for everyone in between there was a first round of NBA playoffs for the ages. 

But that all pales in comparison to what is about to transpire...

What I am hoping to accomplish with this post, is to list out a group of players in each round that I feel will be their for the Packers to select. I will list them in order of who I think will be the best, and in five years I will look back at this post and say "My oh my, shoore am good.

So let us begin.

First Round:
I have five players that I have "scouted" and feel would be able to help the Packers either by fitting a need or just providing depth at a value to high to pass up.

1. Ryan Shazier. He is probably my favorite player in the draft, that is feasible for the Pack. Rumors have him gone by 19 at the very latest, but I think he could fall to us, and I want him. Badly. I am predicting more LaVonte David, less Vernon Gholston.
2. Eric Ebron. People seem up and down on him, and I would rather take one of the mid tier TEs since the jury seems to be out on how good the class of TEs actually is this year, however, if Ebron were to fall I think it is a no brainer.
3. Brandin Cooks. I feel like he will be gone, but if not, his elite speed would add a dimension to our offense that we haven't really had since Robert Brooks.
4. Anthony Barr. I am not sure on how I feel about Barr. Honestly I believe he will be long gone by our pick which is why I have him fourth, and also I'm not sure I really like him as a player. He got by with athletic ability in college and that won't work in the Pros. On the other side of that he's only been playing defense for 2 years and if the work ethic is there, the potential is limitless. I wouldn't mind the pick if he fell to 21, but I can't say I feel like he's a home run pick. He seems like he has a very high bust potential. And speaking of bust potential, I think Clowney and Watkins are that. 
5. C.J. Mosley. Don't care for him. His highlight films, which is what my "scouting" consists of are made up of a couple pass deflections and a lot of tackles 12 yards down field. We have enough lbs that can do that. If he's there at 21 I'm fine if we take him, but I don't want him. Please Minnesota, take him at 8.

And now three guys I DO NOT WANT.

1. Ha Ha. His highlights look the same as Mosley's and his forty time might have actually been slower. Maybe we can draft Mosley and play him at safety. I would prefer that to Hasean.

2. Calvin Pryor. The safety's that intrigue me are in the second and third rounds, and then a few late rounders. Pryor is a box safety that shrunk 3 inches from the time he was measured for his senior/junior year in college, til he was measure again at the combine. Oh yeah, and he runs like a horse hitched to a plow as well. DO NOT WANT.

3. Any defensive lineman other than Aaron Donald. Yes if Clowney fell to 21 I would say take him, but he's not going to and I do think he busts. And all things considered Ted Thompson drafting receivers in the 2 and 3 rounds is the as good as you can get. And Ted Thompson drafting Defensive Lineman in the 1st and 2nd rounds is as bad as it gets. Matt Millen, Mike Ditka bad. Lets look back shall we? Justin Harrell, B.J. Raji, Nick Perry (drafted to play OLB, when he said before the draft PLEASE DON'T DRAFT ME TO BE AN OLB), Mike Neal (who was drafted to be a DL, but came into his own only after switching to OLD and still hasn't proven worthy of his pick), Jerel Worthy, and Datone Jones. Now the jury is still out on most of those players and all, except Harrell could still turn out ok, but my guess is they won't. And some of the lineman that should be available when we pick reek of high risk. Louis Nix, too fat. Hageman from UM, well he's from MN so strike one, and he doesn't play hard strike three. Timmy Jernigan, they say played hard, but I never saw him on the field, that screams lack of conditioning, and those guys don't make it in the NFL.
4. I know I said 3. Austin Stefarian Jenkins. I was on the Jenkins bandwagon. Then he got hurt and couldn't run or do drill and I thought, maybe he falls to us in the second, and I'd be okay with that. Then he did run and ripped off a 4.5 40. That puts him too high for our second pick and I didn't see enough of him on film (read highlights) to make me think he warrants anything close to a 1st round pick. And he comes with off the field baggage and foot issues. No please.

Dream Scenario, trade down with Cleveland who moves up to take a QB. At 26 we get Shazier. and pickup an extra 3rd. 

Nightmare Scenario. We stand pat at 21 or trade up for any of the DL that I previously destroyed. 

Second and Third Round Predictions coming tomorrow.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Eric Fisher Is my prediction for the Chefs

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Three Lists of Four

Most people play fantasy football to be entertained, or to take their minds off how awful their favorite squad is. And some of us play fantasy football just so we have one more topic to ramble on for hours and hours about pretending we know way more than we actually do. I was describing other people in that last sentence not myself. First of all I never ramble, and secondly I never pretend. I do, however, educate. And right now, I'd like to educate you on what quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers I like for the upcoming season. I had to wait for the first game to be played because anyone who makes predictions just off of preseason action is more full of crap than a port-a-potty next to the Prune Juice on a Stick Stand at the State Fair. So here's who I like a lot, a little, and not at all. And most importantly why I like who I like a lot, a little, and not at all. Did everybody follow that?


Cream of the Crop: Aaron Rodgers. The only thing that can stop Rodgers this year is Mike McCarthy's play calling. As the Packers use more and more no huddle in their offense Rodgers should get Peyton Manning type control of this team, and I'm betting he's a pain in the neck of every defensive coordinator he plays this year. See what I did there?

Next in Line: Drew Brees, Tom Brady. These two have been in the mix for years and will do the same this year. You could argue either ones case for the top spot. I don't have anything smart to say for these two, but since I have your attention would you trade in a Bridget Moynahan for something called a Gisele B√ľndchen? She sounds KGB. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Also I swear Brees didn't have that mole on his face in San Diego. Tell me he's had it all along. I still don't believe.

Fast Riser: Sam Bradford. Second year in the league and will probably start a little slow while still learning new offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels' playbook. Unlike last year Bradford will have actual NFL caliber receivers to throw to combined with a system that made Kyle Orton look like Fillet mignon, when he's closer to chopped liver. Does that analogy make sense? I'm a vegetarian.

Free Faller: Michael Vick. I'm not saying he's going to have a fall on your face, stomp on the ground, why did I draft this guy in the first round, type year. But people drafting him hoping for totals like last year only over an entire 16 game schedule are going to be greatly disappointed. Defensive coordinators began figuring out ways to contain him towards the end of last year. They have had an extended time to game plan for him during the offseason. And quite frankly, I have a better chance deciphering a text message from my two year old nephew than Vick has figuring out a zone defense. And my nephew is not a good speller. Nor does he excel in punctuation.

Running Backs

Cream of the Crop: Adrian Peterson. I thought this was the year Peterson finally started to slip. But I grew out of it. It's probably because I live so close to Minneapolis that I've been suckered in by the local media and their home town enthusiasm, but he looks like he's in great shape, and is in a contract year, and he is their only source of offense, and I think he spays and neuters his pets. That kind of responsibility just can't be taught.

Next in Line: Arian Foster. He's already dealing with a hamstring problem, but I think the Texans will either sit him week one or severely limit his snaps so he comes back completely healthy by week two. As long as Ben Tate or Steve Slaton don't erupt in his absence, yes I'm leaving Derrick Ward out on purpose, 15 weeks should be more than enough for him to make up for the lost time. Or maybe he'll completely tear his hamstring in his first game and we'll get to weekly MRI updates for the rest of the season via twitter. Either way it seems like a win.

Fast Riser: Tim Hightower. I thought about McFadden here, but his rise really happened last year. Hightower looked like a new man in the preseason. Now I know those games don't count, but he fits the style of offense the Redskins are looking to run. He is a threat to run and catch passes. And his quarterback is either going to be John Beck or Rex Grossman. Little known fact Tim is actually the son of Moses Hightower from the Police Academy films. But I don't know if he is his dad in real life or just on TV. But in all seriousness you will be missed Bubba Smith.

Fast Fallers: Jamaal Charles. I owned Jamal Charles last year and subsequently owned the league I was in as well. But I also had Vick, Brady, Peterson, Foster, Hillis, White, Calvin Johnson, and Gates. I know what you're thinking and it's tough to explain and there just isn't time. I don't doubt Charles' talent I do doubt the man that calls the plays in KC. Charles received less than half the carries last season while splitting time with Thomas Jones. Now Dexter McCluster is being moved exclusively to the running back position as well. So they've got Charles for running between the 20's McCluster for the screen passes, and Jones for the goal line work? Watching Haley run the Chiefs offense this year is going to be like a bad Quenton Tarantino movie, like there is another kind. But hopefully without the massive amounts of blood.

Wide Receivers

Cream of the Crop: Calvin Johnson. I think Stafford stays healthy all year and honestly even if he doesn't I'm still not too concerned. The only thing I see stopping Johnson this year are the officials. Last year's Calvin Johnson Rule was maintaining possession of a touchdown pass until the towel boy took it from you as you entered the shower. What will they come up with this year? I can hardly wait.

Next in Line: Andre Johnson. Probably should be number one, but some slight injury concerns and the fact that his team actually has a running game as well drops him all the way down to two. And there is nothing wrong with finishing second unless you're running for a political office.

Fast Riser: Jordy Nelson. There are other flashier picks and with the way Green Bay spreads the ball around this one probably won't pan out. However, Nelson had 140 yards in the Super Bowl with four dropped passes. Nelson was picked before DeSean Jackson in the 2008 draft, so were Donnie Avery, Devin Thomas, James Hardy, Eddie Royal and Jerome Simpson, and both are in contract years. I expect a lot of yakking from both of them this season, only Nelson's yakking will be spelt YAC. Let the record show that in neither instance am I referring to the long haired buffalo.

Free Faller: Mike Wallace. Wallace ended last season on a fantastic run. He then disappeared in the playoffs, and at last check had yet to be spotted in the preseason. Now with Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders poised to break out themselves it seems as though Wallace might have some stiff competition for passes in an offense that is built around pounding the football with Mendenhall. He predicted a 2,000 yard season this year, with 100 catches. My guess is the Mr. Wallace from 60 Minutes has as good a chance of reaching that goal as the Mr. Wallace who actually plays football.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

And So It Begins

Alright the draft is about to begin, and I being without cable tv am trying desperately to tune into the draft online. We'll see how that goes. But enough about me, the Rams pick first and I say, like everyone else, they take Sam Bradford. However, if they take the whole ten minutes to make their selection I am going to be pissed. You shouldn't get ten minutes on the clock, you've had four months. If nothings happened by now it isn't going to. Draft starts. You make your pick. And on to the Lions we go.

My pick: Sam Bradford
Actual pick: Sam Bradford

Boom one for one. Did anyone see if they used the entire ten minutes though? I was still trying to reconnect to the internet. And there it goes again. Oops its back, and the pick has already been made.

My pick: Suh
Actual pick: Suh

Don't judge me for getting this pick in late. I'm not a douche bag, I'm new.
The Bucs are up and everyone has them taking McCoy, the next Warren Sapp. Alright I'll bite. Bucs take McCoy, or trade down. Oh wait nobody wants to trade up and pay an unproven rookie more than Peyton Manning makes, touche.

My pick: Gerald McCoy
Actual pick: Gerald McCoy

Well my connection to atdhe is about as spotty as a windshield in a rain storm, either that or Deion Sanders has become a lot like Emmitt Smith in his reporting skills. Okay we're back. Good. I like John Gruden, not as a coach necessarily, but as an announcer and a reporter for ESPN bravo. It looks like McCoy is getting congratulatory man hugs. 3-3.

Now it gets interesting everyone had Washington taking Okung, until recently, now people are beginning to think Trent Williams from Oklahoma goes before him. I say.... Okung, he's just better than Williams. Wait maybe they trade down, oh yeah we've already discussed that.

My pick: Russell Okung
Actual pick: Trent Williams

Well we haves some time, does anyone else find it ironic that McNabb wants TO to come to Washington? Maybe he suffered a few concussions along with Westbrook last year. Do you not remember the sit ups in is drive way, or the "next question" interview with that one guy?

Wow they went with Williams. Um now that I'm no longer batting a thousand its time to start the bold predictions. So for pick number five I say the Chiefs take Jimmy Clausen.
Chris I know your upset with me right now, but in my defense I have no idea where you guys are going with this pick.

My pick: Jimmy Clausen
Actual pick: Eric Berry

It looks like the Chiefs, much to the joy of its fans are about to take a horse Eric Berry. Somewhere there is a Bronco fan who is really upset. But don't worry friend, Orton can't throw deep, and even if he could who is he going to throw too? Nah, Moreno will run him over. Just make sure he doesn't fumble in the process.

Who picks sixth? This is so unprofessional. Raiders? Wow, lets take a commercial break while I look this up. Dangit Seattle. The forgotten city. Didn't they use to have a basketball team? OHHHHHH. Seattle lost Walter Jones, I think, they lost Patrick Kerney for sure. I don't think there is a DE worth taking here, so I say they go with what most people consider the best linemen in the draft.

My pick: Okung
Actual pick: Okung

Well RO just got a phone call. Either someone pulling a mean practical joke or he's going to the 'Hawks. Tears of joy I'm guessing, and its off to the "Sleepless City."

Now its on to the Browns. I think most mocks had them takng Berry. Call me crazy, but I don't think he goes here. They need help just about everywhere, Holmgren says he has no interest in Clausen, who would make sense here, so I say QB is out, and lets put Dez Bryant there instead.

My pick: Dez Bryant
Actual pick: Joe Haden

And apparently they're going for a cornerback, I knew I should have at least mentioned Haden. From now on I give a plan A and B. They are discussing Haden or Kyle Wilson, please PLEASE take Wilson. Jon Gruden just said "nobody wants to trade with Mike, he knows what he's doing." Did he know what he was doing when he traded Green Bay Ahman "Ahmad" Green for Fred Vinson? If he did someone needs to file some tampering charges ASAP. And its Haden.

Off to number eight. This one's the Raiders, and I project they trade their pick to the Packers straight up. Better to pay a first round bust number 23 money rather than number 8. If Thompson decides trading up for a third straight year is much too risky and declines. Don't laugh, its possible. I say the Raiders take... Bulaga. Or maybe Mays or Campbell, but that's only because they're fast.

My pick: Bryan Bulaga, Jason Pierre-Paul
Actual pick: Rolando McClain

Wait the last time they took a left tackle from Iowa he sucked, scratch that, Jason Pierre-Paul, he does flips. That's exciting. Nope they take Rolando McClain. More disappointed Bronco fans I'm guessing. Mel Kiper doesn't like it. Well guess what Mel, I don't like you. That's mean and I only half meant it.

Pick nine Buffalo has to take Bulaga. If not Clausen, but I put my money on Bulaga. Their line was awful and he can play both sides of the line, although obviously not at once.

My pick: Bulaga
Actual pick C.J. Spiller

And they take another running back. Now I'm sure Spiller will be the next Chris Johnson who was drafted by the Titans after they had picked running backs the previous two years and apparently had no need. Good for you C.J. may your feet be Barry Sanders like swift.

Now its the Jaguars and they take Tim Tebow. They need to sell tickets

My pick: Tebow
Actul pick: Some DT from Cal

I have heard of the guy, just nowhere near the first round. I give you Tebow, you give us Tyson something second year in a row a Tyson is reached for.

Now our first trade of the draft. Broncos trade down with San Fran. And I'll go with Clausen as their pick.

My pick: Jimmy Clausen
Actual pick: Anthony Davis

Well my internet is skipping out. So I will continue to give my predictions, but my analysis will be coming later. ITS ALL HAPPENING SO FAST

San Diego Chargers
My pick: Ryan Matthews
Actual pick: Ryan Matthews

My pick: Earl Thomas
Actual pick: Brandon Graham

Pardon my Dewey beats Truman moment

Seattle: Dez Bryant